For more than 50 years TeNeues, a German publishing house, has produced finely illustrated calendars.  Over time they have diversified their publications to include a series of high-end guide books, including ‘Cool Escapes’ and ‘Cool Cities’.  TeNeues is now a leading international book publisher.

Identical Pictures Ltd, a film production company based in Mauritius and managed by Andreas Habermeyer, has decided to collaborate with TeNeues to publish the first ‘Cool Escapes Mauritius’ guide book.

This first edition, which will also be available as a mobile application, will contain more than 200 pages of useful information and beautiful pictures that capture the best attractions on the island of Mauritius.

Like all previous ‘Cool Escapes’ publications, the book will be divided into 5 distinct chapters:

1. Your stay

2. Culinary escapes

3. Nightlife

4. Shopping like a local

5. Culture and nature

The reader will discover a large variety of places and activities such as hotels, private rentals, restaurants, bars, shops, activities and sightseeing.

view from front

‘1974’Antonio e Giulia is just one example:

Located in a building that once housed the aquarium of Trou aux Biches, the restaurant ‘1974’, better known by local customers as “da Antonio e Giulia,” was created by two Italians that fell in love with the island of Mauritius.  Their idea was to build a place where people could experience authentic Italian cuisine with the best and freshest products of the island.

In a couple of years their idea has become one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Mauritius, thanks to their attention to quality and a friendly atmosphere that is guaranteed by Antonio and Giulia.  The staff are always available to present the menu of the day, and to give suggestions to help customers make the best choice.

This is more than your classic Italian restaurant abroad.  The menu changes according to the seasonal availability of ingredients, and provides a variety of Italian cuisines.  “1974’ also features original creations by chef Antonio Mazzella of Capri, who comes from a family of 3 generations of professional chefs with renowned restaurants around the world.

Antonio and Guilia

view from left final

The production of ‘Cool Escapes Mauritius’ started 4 months ago.  Andreas Habermeyer, who is leading the Identical Pictures Ltd production team, has carefully selected and curated content with a professional team of photographers, copywriters and designers.

Professional photographers working on Cool Escape
Andreas Habermeyer and the 3 main photographers :
Left: Kunal Jankee
Right: Sachin Sagar
Bottom: Anastasia Soogree

‘Cool Escapes’ publications are well-known for their high quality pictures.  This is why Identical Pictures Ltd has decided to create a photo contest that is open to all amateur and professional photographers.  If you have nice pictures of Mauritius visit the Contest page for more details:

Before its release, a specific page will be added to Identical Pictures Ltd’s website, with all of the details you need to acquire this unique guide book and way of discovering the island of Mauritius.