Profoto has been our leading photo equipment partner for as long as we can remember and we are constantly impressed by their innovative contribution to the photographic Industry. They have though out the years proved to make the impossible, possible; and today is no exception.

Introducing the Profoto Pro-10. As they would describe it themselves:  “It’s the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and the sort of incredible power that makes it possible to think and create bigger.”

The Profoto Pro-10 is as tested no less than the fastest studio flash ever created. Blinking is too slow of a movement for such an incredible high performance flash recorded to freeze a moment forever at 1/80,000 of a second !

Being the fastest flash is just one aspect of the Pro-10 for it’s magic also lies in it’s capacity to generate a tremendous amount of light output in the bat of an eye. However much light you may need, you will always get a faster flash duration.

“Ultimately the Profoto Pro-10 is so much more than the world’s fastest studio flash – it’s your imagination set free. It’s the speed to exceed.”

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