As a Service Production Company, We are committed to always provide you with the best high-end equipment  for your Video Productions. Identical Pictures made it a must to visit the Cinec 2016 Exposition and Awards in Munich.

The Cinec, branching into the CineCongress forum and the Cinec Awards is an international trade fair catering for the experts of the Video Production field. It is the perfect occasion for showcasing the most innovative technologies of the filming industry. Allowing for creativity to be acclaimed and added into consumption.

The Cinec is a a perfect occasion for all the equipment savvy production companies and implicated parties to have a hands on on meeting and communicating with each other allowing for a real insight in technical achievement and consumer expectations of modern audiences.

With the need to enrich film making with more realistic striking and detailed images every year, the industry has been working hard in producing high end technology on par every year to supply the creative geniuses with endless possibilities.

As Always the Arri gathered a wonderful crowd of quality enthusiasts, and their newest models were presented. With much acclaim they seized the Best New Digital Capturing Tools Award in the Camera Technology category with their Arri Alexa Mini + ARRI Trinity Camera stabiliser system.