Identical Pictures is your One-Stop-Shop for Film and Photo Production, we offer small to large scale support to ascertain that the Isles of the Indian ocean is “Where Film and Holidays are Made”.

Identical Pictures offer a variety of Production Services to International Film Makers and work closely as a production company with local Agencies. Founded in 2009,  IDP provide their exceptional expertise in ensuring cost-effective solutions and efficient services. Currently based in 3 countries – Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles – we cater to small and big production companies with mutual interests.

Tired of renting equipment from abroad and transferring a huge of equipment? We have started buying our own equipment and pride ourselves in owning our own Film and Photo equipment. We are also fully equipped for, and specialized in Marine Filming.

Our list of available services extends to: Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Photo Shoots, Fashion Shoots, T.V Series, Corporate films as well as any form of branded or media moving content. We are equipped and possess the global know-how to handle full-scale international productions and also offer small scale services such as providing fixers.

Our Crew at Identical Pictures is professional, dedicated and holds an incredible relationship with the Mauritian, Maldivian, and Seychellois Governments. Our application for required permits to the state are fast and efficient. We have worked tirelessly to provide you and your team with many locations that are unique to us through our good relationship with the hotels of the Islands; Thanks to our published books, Cool Escapes Mauritius and Maldives.

Service Film Production

We offer help and support to other International Film and Photo Production Companies.

Local Film Production

IDP works with the local advertising agencies to help bring their filming and photography projects to fruition.

Integrated Media Company

We are Integrated and specialised in the production of all types of branded moving content.

Marine Filming

We are fully equipped and experienced in delivering all types of Marine filming.

Own Arri Alexa and Profoto Gear

We simplify the process of film making and are more competitive.


7 years of presence in working on our Casting, Relations and Locations database.

Available Jobs

Vacancies available at Identical Pictures