Last month, IdenticalPictures ltd. launched a photo contest opens to all amateur and professional photographers. The aim of this contest is to get the best pictures of Mauritius island, which will be published in the luxury coffee table book Cool Escape Mauritius, printed and published by TeNeues.

During the last past weeks, we have been going through the 2000+ pictures sent by the 250 participants. From there, we have pre-selected 251 pictures from 63 participants. Here is the list of pre-selected participants :

Arrmaan Shamachurn haj_lall Alexis Dittberner
Ajmal Fabien Manuel Emdad Emon
Akash Peeroo Hilary_Jones R. Luximon
Alexandre Young Lan Sun Idriss Mahomedally Rishi Ramgutty
Ashwin Joyputh Sansan / Nitish Mannick Akhil Ramlugun
Michael Lafraisière Ivan Pallen rodevasion
Avinash Susty Jacques Icard Ryan Chan Yam
Beepin Jeetun Jean-Baptiste Urbini Sailesh J
Carl Chapman Jennifer Jatha-Rose Sandy Manancourt
Cédric Rombeau Jean Jacques Fabien Ganessen Ponnusamy
V. Chiniah Jean Marc Lim S. Dominique
Chooramun Pritesh Jonathan Scott Solène Soton
Charlene Koylash Jonathan David Tufeil Peerbaccus
Damien Police Hilary Jones Undine Groeger
Dario Li Hung Shun Joyandy Moustache Varun Seegobin
Deeneshen Sabapathee Andy Ama Vashist Seegobin
Derek Chen Krishna Cadervaloo Gary Uppiah
Dianish Rawoojee Luqmaan Fawdar Yashin Soraballee
Emilie de Rosnay Julie Merle Yashna Mooloo
Eric Malaq Melina Lecourt Yeshna Dookhee
Frederic Melotte muzzz001 Zeba ABDOOL RAMAN

Those 250 pictures have been sent to TeNeues for approval. Photographers will receive Rs 1,500 for each featured picture in the book.

From that final list of pictures validated by TeNeues, 3 pictures will be selected for the grand prizes :

  1. first prize = Rs 25,000
  2. second prize = Rs 15,000
  3. third prize = Rs 10,000

Stay tuned by following our blog and our social profiles to be updated :

Baniant tree mauritius