Harley Davidson recently organized the biggest bikers venue in Mauritius Island. More than 40 Harley owners joined together for a day-long road trip around the island. The trip started in the North, near the Anjalay Stadium, went through the Moka mountain range, the savanna-style Albion’s landscape and ended at Shanti Mauritius.

Harley Davidson owners gathering in Mauritius

Kunal Jankee, one IdenticalPictures photographer, followed the bikers group around the island and took some nice shots and recording of the event.

In the month to come, IdenticalPictures will closely work with Harley Davidson on 3 main projects :

1. a documentary about bike outriding experience in Mauritius

2. a high-end commercial for the Harley Davidson brand for the Mauritian market

3. a featured article for Harley’s day renting in the next Cool Escape book (and app) dedicated to Mauritius (more details on that soon)

Kunal Jankee shooting for Halrey Davidson

Harley Davidson shoot

This event had some pages in most Mauritian newspapers :

Harley Davidson in Le Defi Quotidien - 8.04.14

Harley Davidson gathering in Mauritius - 6.04.14

Harley Davidson in Mauritian newspaper

Read the full article online on orange.mu : http://www.orange.mu/kinews/dossiers/culture-et-loisirs/367348/une-sortie-en-harley-davidson-immortalisee-dans-un-livre-international.html